Market Research Capabilities and Services

Qualitative Research (full service, from design to analysis)
- Focus groups
- One-on-ones
- Dyad
- Triad
- Executive interviews
- Strategic Analysis, Recommendations and Cultural Implications
- Member of Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA)

Quantitative Research (full service, from design to analysis)
- Attitude/Awareness and Usage
- Product Testing
- Concept Testing
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- Profile of Radio, Television, Newspaper and Magazine Audiences
- Publisher of “Ask San Diego” ® Report-2001

Expert Witness
Over 25 years of experience conducting marketing research with Hispanics/Latinos. Click here for additional information.

Secondary Research
- Analysis of Competition
- Market Definition
- General Information about your Industry and Category
- USA Hispanic Demographics
- Latin America Demographics

Data Collection
MR&A has personnel in major cities available to conduct data collection across the United States and any Latin American Country
Personal Interviews:
    - Door to door
    - Mall Intercept
    - Executive Interviews
- Telephone
- Mail
- Recruitment for focus groups and personal interviews in any city in the U.S. and Latin America
- Auditor

Bilingual Moderator

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