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Activate Diversity
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AM Advertising
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Castel & Asociados
Cafe Sevilla
Cohen Latino Communications
Community Health Group
Energy Communications
El Latino
KBNT19 - Univision
KLOVE 102.9 FM
Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.
Hispanic Business Directory
HMC Advertising
Hotel del Coronado
La Nueva 106.5 FM
La Poderosa 860 AM
La Sonrisa Latina
La Invasora 99.7 FM
Luth Research, Inc
Medicis Communications
Mission Federal Credit Union
NBC7/39 San Diego
Pacific Gateway Group
Pulsar 107.3 FM
Radio Amor 94.5 FM
Radio Latina 104.5 FM
Radio Unica 1470 AM
Rei Do Gado
Roslow Research
San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
San Diego Metropolitan
San Diego State University
San Diego Union Tribune
Sharp Healthcare
UCLA (University of California)
Union Bank of California
Uniradio Corporation
Taylor Research
XEWT-12 Televisa
XHUAA Channel 57
Xpectrum Marketing Group


The New Book “Effectively Reach U.S. Hispanic Consumers – 50 Million Plus, and Growing…” will be published on January 27, 2012  

This Book includes the Latest Demographic Data from the U.S. Census 2010 and Results from a Survey to 1001 Hispanics Across the U.S. “Ask U.S. Hispanics” Consumer Profile. Latest Information on Social Media – Usage of Internet – Level of Acculturation – Language Preference for Advertising – Media Preference – Use of Banks – Money Transfer – Politics and more…

Price: $95
Call to order today: 619-200-7124

SAN DIEGO – “Effectively Reach U.S. Hispanic Consumers” has been written by Walter Eduardo Meneses. This book has no political or social agenda, nor is it sponsored by any media, institution or corporation. Its purpose is to provide intelligence to marketers working in Advertising Agencies, Marketing Research and Corporations providing products and/or services to consumers, especially to Hispanics. Data for this book has been obtained mainly from two sources: “Ask U.S. Hispanics” Consumer Profile a survey conducted by Meneses Research & Associates and the U.S. Census 2010. The results from the survey “Ask U.S. Hispanics” Consumer Profile are reported in Frequencies, Cross-Tabulated by Regions and some by Level of Acculturation and Level of Financial Stability . Our purpose is to present the data to YOU for your interpretation. The first section of the book provides demographic data. The second section is about segmentation among Hispanics by Levels of Acculturation. The third section is psychographic information related to the products and services Hispanics are aware of and use. The fourth section is marketing to Hispanics. The proprietary research “Ask U.S. Hispanics” Consumer Profile was designed and produced by Meneses Research & Associates.  

This book will address all of the following and more:
•  Why is the U.S. Hispanic Market Important?
•  Hispanic by the Numbers, Illegal Immigration and Projections
•  Southern Border Markets
•  Segmentation: Level of Acculturation and Level of Financial
•  Preferred Language to Communicate Among Family, Friends and Co-workers
•  Cultural Implications
•  Psychographics, Products and Services Hispanic Use
•  Use of Banking & Financial Institutions
•  Money Transfer Outside of the U.S.
•  Internet Usage, Social Media
•  Health Insurance
•  Politics
•  Marketing, Approaching Hispanics
•  Media Usage – Print, TV, Radio, Internet

Meneses Research & Associates, has been in operation since 1995, specializing in the Hispanic market and publishing studies about Hispanic consumers nationally and internationally. “Ask San Diego” Report 2001 to 2008, “Ask Tijuana” Report 2002, “Ask Hispanic Teens” 2002, “Ask U.S. Hispanics” Report 2004 and 2009 .

The book is available for $95. To order the book or acquire additional information, please contact Walter E. Meneses at 619-200-7124


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