In January 1995, Walter E. Meneses founded Meneses Research & Associates (MR&A) to provide research and consulting services in the General and Hispanic Market in the U.S. and Latin America.


Walter Eduardo Meneses, President of Meneses Research & Associates
Roberto Ramirez, Director of Operations
Fanny Kamfonik, Data Collection Supervisor
Maricela Dueñas, Qualitative Supervisor
Juliana Franco, Office Manager

Walter E. Meneses - President

Mr. Meneses founded Meneses Research & Associates (MR&A) in January 1995 and brings over 30 years experience to his clients. Publisher of a yearly “Ask Hispanics” Reports-2001 to 2008, “Ask U.S. Hispanics” Report 2004, “Ask Tijuana” Report-2002, “Ask Hispanic Teens” Report 2003. Mr. Meneses specializes in the Hispanic/Latino market in the United States and Latin America . He has conducted thousands of studies among Hispanic/Latinos on: Assimilation, Acculturation, Cultural Differences among Hispanic/Latinos and various sub-cultures such as Puerto Rican, Central American, Cuban, Mexican, Chilean, Argentinean, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Colombian, Ecuadorian and many more. Mr. Meneses has developed a Level of Acculturation model to identify the level of acculturation of the Hispanic/Latino population in the United States . During the development of this model, thousands of people were interviewed to identify cultural differences among, Hispanic/Latinos and the various sub-groups which comprise the Hispanic/Latino. These cultural differences, and similarities were identified to understand consumer behavior and social behavior. Mr. Meneses' experience qualified him as an Expert Witness in several legal cases (CASE No. 03C-4230) and (BC 376889) in January 2009, (CIV CASE NO. 02-CIV-4890) in February 2003. He has provided his professional consulting and expert testimony services on consumer behavior of Hispanic/Latinos and the cultural implications in dealing with this consumer segment. Also, he has provided testimony on a case as an expert witness 2002-036939 in San Francisco , December 2003 for an Employment Discrimination Case. Mr. Meneses holds several seminars annually and is a highly regarded speaker on these subjects.


As a further enhancement to the Bachelor degree he earned in Business Administration from the University Inca Garcilazo de la Vega of Lima , Peru , in 1975, Mr. Meneses pursued Post graduate studies at the University of Lima, Escuela Superior de Administracion de Negocios of Lima (ESAN), Peru and the University of Reno, Nevada. The areas of further studies included Marketing Research, Consumer Psychology, Public Relations and Investments. Mr. Meneses has participated in seminars across the nation on subjects related to the Hispanic population and the cultural similarities and differences between Americans and Hispanic/Latinos.

Work Experience

An added dimension which Mr. Meneses brings to MR&A is bicultural perspective. Prior to founding MR&A, Mr. Meneses joined MDI as a Director of Operations, conducting studies in the U.S. , and Latin America . Prior to MDI, Mr. Meneses was employed at NFO Research as Sr. Operation Manager in 1990, managing the Hispanic Research Center located in San Diego , California . Provided marketing guidance to over 50 account executives nationwide who represented proposal development, selecting methodology, and input on cultural implications on final reports and presentations of findings. Managed 85 people in the Hispanic Research Center facility/40 CATI stations which included office manager, supervisors, team leaders, and compiled an Index of Acculturation/Assimilation among the Hispanic population in the U.S.

Prior to NFO Research, Mr. Meneses was an Executive Vice-President for Analysis Research Limited, a marketing research firm conducting studies since 1969. From 1978 to 1988, Mr. Meneses was involved as a Regional Manager, in charge of sales and promotions of financial services, insurance, and financial planing for the largest fraternal organization in the world, The Independent Order of Foresters.

Mr. Meneses began his marketing research career in Alegre & Associados, International Corporation, located in Lima , Peru , with operations in several South American countries as a Director of Operations, Sales and Promotions since 1975.

Meneses Research & Associates

As President of MR&A, Mr. Meneses is renowned for maintaining the highest levels of quality by applying American standards to each and every project, both national and international. As a Hispanic Focus Group moderator he has conducted over 800 focus groups and has experience in dealing with Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American populations, and has supervised hundreds of thousands of personal interviews. He has conducted field work in Latin America since 1975 and has spent the last decade headquartered in the U.S. giving him critical insights into sensitive differences in cultures and social classes of the Latin America consumer, living in the U.S. , and abroad. MR&A has supervisors in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Costa Rica.


Mr. Meneses is an active member of the Marketing Research Association, Inc., The American Marketing Association, San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Qualitative Research Consulting Association, AdClub of San Diego advisory Board Member, and is a Board Member at the University of San Diego for the Hispanic Family Business Council.

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